PocketVault P-3X

Offline Secure Access to Data


DevicePatrol is a PocketVault P-3X is the enterprise management and provisioning system for the PocketVAULT devices.


Configure. Deploy. Manage. Audit. Our DevicePatrol platform is a strong security and productivity solution for any organization deploying tokens.

Benefits of DevicePatrol:

  • Secure token management actively controls tokens remotely to minimize threats to your enterprise domain.
  • Complete device lifecycle management – register, audit, manage policies, enable/disable, and destroy tokens.
  • Remote disable and destroy (kill) capabilities protect against lost/stolen tokens and employee misuse.
  • DevicePatrol policies are enforced even when managed tokens are used on non-DevicePatrol domain computers. Policy defines the number of times a token can be used offline before it must reestablish a connection with the Server.
  • Active Directory integration.
  • DevicePatrol server can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

How Does DevicePatrol Work?

The DevicePatrol Server remotely controls user access to, and the operational states of enterprise deployed DevicePatrol tokens and devices containing the embedded Rosetta Microcontroller, in order to enforce policies that mitigate threats of misuse and data loss by malicious or improper operations



Administrators utilizing the DevicePatrol server can remotely dis-able, re-enable a device, or remotely destroy keys and data to “kill” the operability of the device, issuing the appropriate command based on whether a device is misused, lost, or stolen

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