Optimizing Foot Traffic in Airports

The airport can be a stressful place for passengers and employees alike. For passengers, a trip to the airport requires thorough planning to estimate the time taken from checking bags to arriving at the gate. For airport employees, it is essential to optimize foot traffic to make sure things move swiftly and customers are satisfied.

One bottleneck in the system can cause complete failure and reflect on the efficiency of the staff.

By utilizing Security Center Omnicast and Synergis, your airport can advance the way foot traffic is monitored, benefitting not only the passengers but the airport employees as well. Finding the best way to direct the flow of traffic and supervising passengers as they move throughout the airport will maximize time and security for everyone.  

Optimize Foot Traffic and Elimiate Bottlenecks

Utilizing Advanced Video Surveillance to Better Understand How Your Airport Operates

  • Measure and visualize passenger count, queue wait time, and occupancy, in your airport with dashboards
  • Create thresholds to notify you when things go off track and take corrective action
  • Improve daily planning and reporting by coordinating real-time information on flight status and updates within a single platform.
  • Create a faster and smoother passenger journey
  • Gain knowledgeable insights to find impediments to the overall flow of passengers in ticketing, screening, and passport control. 

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