PocketVault P-3X

Offline Secure Access to Data

Route1 Acquistion of  

With the acquisition of Spyrus, Route1 is proactively responding to the marketplace to better achieve the mission of leveraging technology to build smarter, safer communities with:

  • Products providing safe application execution environment – mitigating the risk of malware
  • Modules to create secure Internet of Things interactions across all sectors – from military applications to consumer electronics;
  • Cryptographically enabled MicroSD cards to secure mobile communications for governments and citizens; and
  • Next generation of high-performance encrypted data storage devices – from portable flash drives to embedded solid state drives – complemented with high assurance management and
    control platform.

PocketVault P-3X

PocketVault P-3X is a secure storage token that is a high-security, use anywhere encrypted solid-state disk (SSD) drive that protects data.

  • Drag files to it, as you would with any USB drive
  • Every file is securely protected in its encrypted solid-state storage
  • Includes an embedded PKI smartcard for multi-factor authentication
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