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Large events such as football games, parades, and festivals cause chaos in parking lots surrounding the area. In a sea of people, it can be difficult for law enforcement officers to maintain public safety in a vehicle. Police are in charge of monitoring the flow of traffic, managing parking enforcement, and making sure everyone is safe.

Parking Enforcement


Wanted Vehicle Detection

When utilizing ALPR technology, law enforcement officers can detect a wanted vehicle, based on its characteristics, as it drives past a fixed or mobile camera. This advancement in technology allows police officers to upload a hotlist to the software that will alert them the second a wanted vehicle is detected.


Threat Detection

Knowing when and where a threat might take place around your school or workplace is impossible to predict. Even with 24/7 surveillance, there is a chance that it is too late for a security officer to act fast enough. An intrusion can result in people getting hurt or forced into a dangerous situation.


Connecting Communities

Staying connected with other businesses and organizations within your community is essential for a growing city. The ability to discuss operational efficiency and collaborate between public and private sectors is key to a safer urban city. Without this, companies find it harder to flourish and maintain a safe environment.