Surveillance & Video Intelligence


When managing multiple video locations and a substantial amount of data to monitor, it can be difficult to maintain the elevated level of security your organization needs. Omnicast can simplify how your security personnel observes and tracks data. All monitored areas and data analytics can be viewed from one unified platform. Using video analytics and advanced perimeter protection capabilities, your operators can easily locate threats and notify relevant personnel. After a threat is located, operators can use visual tracking to follow intruders throughout monitored areas and notify security personnel, even when they are in the field.

When a threat is resolved all video evidence is stored and protected. Omnicast ensures that all video intelligence can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Omnicast’s flexible design makes it easy to integrate into your existing surveillance system.

Cameras are also beneficial for protecting businesses. A fixed camera that is mounted outside of a gas station or grocery store can ensure complete surveillance around the entire perimeter. When a crime occurs, local law enforcement can be notified immediately and sent the footage in seconds.


Monitor all of your sites from a single location

  • Collect and share video evidence while protecting its integrity. An end-to-end chain of custody keeps things in check.
  • Prevent unauthorized video exports and data breaches by adding multiple layers of protection to your VMS.
  • Unify video with other core security systems such as access control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), intrusion monitoring, and communications.
  • Bring your video surveillance to life with dynamic maps and custom dashboards. Your team will know not only what, but where things are happening at all times.


Similar to Omnicast, Stratocast provides you with real-time video intelligence that is monitored from one unified platform. Stratocast differs from Omnicast by the way your data and video analytics are stored. Stratocast utilizes a cloud-based management system. All your data is easily stored and accessible on the cloud, creating a more affordable and shareable video management experience. Gain the ability to share data with other businesses or local law enforcement with the ease of a few clicks.


The convienience of the cloud

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to install and maintain on-site network video recorders. With Stratocast, your video is recorded and managed directly in the cloud.
  • Only pay for what you need with the freedom to adjust duration, resolution, and camera count without replacing hardware.
  • Connect all your security cameras to be monitored in one location, saving you the hassle of traveling to different locations and wasting time and money.

Body-Worn Cameras

Body-worn cameras are historically used for evidence without additional context or data. Integrating the video and data from body-worn cameras into a more complete video solution will allow for a better understanding of events that officers are confronted with daily, providing actionable intelligence for a more efficient and unified experience. The footage can be paired with other data and easily shared to provide well-rounded evidence.  


The evidence that you need

  • Whether you are writing a parking citation or in pursuit after a suspect, it is essential to have a body-worn camera that will capture the entirety of the moment.
  • BWC ensures that you will always be protected and is the purest form of evidence what a problem arises.
  • Have the ability to store BWC footage in the cloud for a hassle-free way to transfer video footage to agencies, corporate departments, lawyers, and public.
  • On-premises solution allows you to manage and store all of your digital evidence data at your facility. You choose the hardware and installation setup that fits your needs.

In-Car Video

Both rear and front-facing dash cameras have gained popularity over the last decade. People have learned that the best way to protect themselves and the people around them is to have video footage of an accident or crime that takes place. In-car video surveillance allows eyes to be on the passengers of a vehicle when the driver is occupied. This benefits law enforcement officers, private and public transportation drivers, such as Uber or Lyft drivers, as well as delivery drivers. In-car video surveillance can be securely uploaded to the cloud, so no footage is lost or stolen.


Always have eyes inside and outside your vehicle

  • In-car video capture allows you to have constant surveillance of your vehicle and passengers at all times. Whether you are traveling with suspects in custody, or need to protect merchandise for your business, in-car video will be your other set of eyes.
  • Route1 offers only the best technology for your in-car video equipment. With 1080p high-quality video evidence capture, your images will be crisp and detailed.
  • You have the choice to store your videos on a hard drive so your footage can be pulled from your physical in-car video system, or in the cloud so you can pull video footage anywhere, at any time.

Security Center Synergis IP access control offers a modern approach. As a truly open system, it connects to a large and growing selection of third-party access control devices. Seamlessly unified with video and other security systems, it delivers operational and security insights about your secured areas leading to more informed decisions and improved operations.

Synergis Access Control


Gather Data Analytics 

  • Make better decisions to strengthen your security and improve operations. Synergis provides key sightings from data in a clear, concise, and unified manner.
  • Synergis provides solutions to keep your people and assets safe, in your facilities, at the perimeter, and in your enclosures.
  • Secure your system from end to end. Advanced encryption and claims-based authentication provide secure communications to protect cardholders’ identities and the system’s integrity.