Bringing Security and Operations Together with Real-Time Actionable Intelligence

Reduce costs, save time, and make informed decisions




Route1 provides you with advanced data in a usable format from video capture technologies to enhance safety and security, driving greater profitability and improving operational efficiencies.

Our priority is to build strong and lasting relationships with you, our client, and technology partners. We will be there every step of the way, from design and installation to the continuous support of technological enhancements and ever-changing outcomes.

"Before ALPR, our organization struggled to deliver the desired customer service experience due to some systemic inefficiencies and increasingly high operating costs within our parking programs."

—Elton Crawford, Assistant Dir-Operations Parking and Transportations Services
University of Arizona

Remove the roadblocks in sharing data and information between your departments and work effortlessly.

Organizations and communities become siloed within departments, each with its own technologies and goals. This makes it difficult to obtain and share data, respond quickly, and be proactive with safety and security, while also “leaving revenue on the table”.


When all of your security functions and data originate from the same system, you can quickly access and use data to make intelligent and real-time decisions, making it easier and more efficient to secure people, buildings, and assets — while also supporting revenue creation opportunities and operational efficiencies.

"Our investment and implementation of mobile ALPR technology enabled us to transition to virtual permits, address some systemic inefficiencies in the organization, and reduce high-operating costs while also offering a mutually beneficial solution to our customers."

—Elton Crawford, Assistant Dir-Operations Parking and Transportations Services
University of Arizona

The Route1 Difference

Route1 leverages its intellectual property and people, and our partners’ video capture technology to help our clients gain a better understanding of their data and use that data to develop more intuitive real-time decisions. 

With a deep-rooted background in software development, network operations, and cybersecurity, Route1 has a significant competitive advantage in the engineering and professional services arena. 

You will be able to amplify your return on investment by adopting advanced technological solutions and utilizing our expertise in video intelligence.  


  • Auto License Plate Reader (ALPR) 
  • Body Worn Cameras (BWC)
  • Surveillance video (CCTV) 
  • Access control 
  • Drones

    Turn-Key Engineering Services

    Route1’s turn-key engineering and professional services follow a complete life-cycle model, ensuring the evolution of your technology to meet your desired outcomes. We can help you get the most out of your existing video capture investment or design an improved solution that fits your current and future requirements. Outcomes don’t necessarily change; the method and approach do as technology and procedures evolve.

    Advisory and Analysis

    Design and Engineering

    Hardware and Software Procurement

    Project Management

    Installation and Configuration

    Training (End User and Admin)

    Operation Optimization

    Life-Cycle Maintenance and Support

    The Tools and Technology to Work Securely from Anywhere 


    MobiKEY is a remote access tool designed to make your desktop securely available from anywhere in the world via the power of our MobiNET infrastructure. These technologies separate us from our competitors in the turn-key engineering and professional services arena. The ability to work remotely without vulnerabilities. 

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    PocketVault P-3X

    PocketVault P-3X is a secure storage token that utilizes an encrypted solid-state disk (SSD) drive, allowing you to protect vital information and documents. Gaining the highest level of protection and security from an embedded PKI smartcard using multi-factor authentication.

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    MobiLPR is a Route1 developed mobile application that extends Security Center AutoVufrom Genetec, to a smartphone. Powered by the MobiNET secure platform and delivered under a SaaS model, it creates a force multiplier without the high cost of dedicated hardware for existing ALPR users. 

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    Working with Mesa PD on a community partnership blending real-time crime-fighting and community policing with state-of-the-art technology to keep the city safe.

    Contact Route1 for

    • Technology architecture and procurement
    • Integration, installation and training 
    • Database management 
    • Custom data visualization and actionable intelligence 
    • Professional consultation and best-practice expertise 
    • Best-in-business service and support 
    • Military-grade data security 

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