Enterprise Solutions

Route1 provides you with advanced data in a usable format from video capture technologies to enhance safety and security, driving greater profitability and improving operational efficiencies.

By adopting AutoVu ALPR (advanced license plate recognition), your company can better manage its parking lots while creating revenue with pay-by-plate technologies. This allows you to monitor who is parking where and how long they are parked for and reduces the number of security personnel that is needed onsite, saving you time and money. 

increase revenue through parking


understanding shoppers' habits and increase sales

By utilizing your existing cameras, your store can not only be under 24/7 surveillance but also keep track of purchasing behavior and foot traffic within your store. 


optimzing foot traffic in airports

By utilizing Security Center Omnicast and Synergis, your airport can advance the way foot traffic is monitored, benefitting not only the passengers but the airport employees as well. Finding the best way to direct the flow of traffic and supervising passengers as they move throughout the airport will maximize time and security for everyone.


Keeping Your Campus Safe

Campus safety is of the utmost importance in today‚Äôs world. Having the proper surveillance and early warning system can bring great peace of mind to school officials, staff, and parents.