Keeping Your Campus Safe


Campus safety is of the utmost importance in today’s world. Having the proper surveillance and early warning system can bring great peace of mind to school officials, staff, and parents.

Utilizing cameras for both vehicle recognition and surveillance, your school can be alerted when an unexpected visitor drives through your school area, allowing time to perform remote lockdowns, and alert authorities all from one easy-to-manage application.

Higher Education

Campus safety for universities is important for not only students and professors, but everyone that enters campus perimeters on a given day. Colleges and universities cannot close off entrances to the campus because students are constantly traveling to and from classes.

This means that advanced security measures must be employed in the event of an intruder or unwanted presence on campus grounds. Utilizing your campus’s current surveillance technology to monitor all areas of a campus is a great first step in the process of protecting your campus.

By adopting Security Center technologies, you can have eyes on the perimeter of the campus, and inside buildings, and have the ability to notify campus and local police departments as soon as a problem arises. Day and night, rain and shine, if the campus is open or closed, Security Center will ensure a safe environment for everyone. 

Monitor the Perimeter of your Campus and Identify Vehicle Plates

Keep Your K-12 Campus Safe with Advanced Video Surveillance

  • Identify school bus plates and transmit live footage on the scene with AutoVu technology
  • Have constant video surveillance of the entire interior and exterior of the school as well as perimeter watch.
  • Operators can unlock and lock doors remotely and monitor the access points of your school.
  • Security personnel can monitor who is entering and exiting school grounds

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Keep Your Higher Education Campus Safe with Advanced Video Surveillance

  • Have 24/7 video surveillance in the most trafficked areas of campus 
  • Utilize interactive and graphical maps to better visualize and manage your security environment.
  • Easily respond to incidents with automatic lockdowns for a building, or entire campus
  • Share important videos with campus and local police in seconds       

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