Connecting Communities

Staying connected with other businesses and organizations within your community is essential for a growing city. The ability to discuss operational efficiency and collaborate between public and private sectors is key to a safer urban city. Without this, companies find it harder to flourish and maintain a safe environment.

Not only will you be able to communicate with other businesses, but you will also be able to monitor the surveillance video from anywhere, anytime. When an incident arises, you can easily share select videos with police, and neighboring communities, in seconds.  

Share Video Footage with Local Law Enforcement and Neighboring Communities

Connect Your Community for a Safer and More Livable City

  • Unifies data streams and operations across city departments
  • Combine, correlate, and make sense of data collected by sensors throughout your city
  • Benefit from increased shopper safety, reduced losses, and enjoy a safe and thriving neighborhood
  • Implement a service that will help you monitor your businesses at any time, from anywhere.
  • Have the ability to share valuable information with law enforcement in seconds.
  • With visual and easy to interpret analytics, you can continue to improve the way you respond to and deter crime in your city.

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