Increase Revenue Through Parking

Current parking practices utilizing physical permits, an operator to manage the gate, and manually checking license plates, wastes copious amounts of time and money and creates bottlenecks.

These problems can be detrimental when customers forget their permits or fail to pay their parking fees.

By adopting AutoVu ALPR (advanced license plate recognition), your company can better manage its parking lots while creating revenue with pay-by-plate technologies. This allows you to monitor who is parking where and how long they are parked for and reduces the number of security personnel that is needed onsite, saving you time and money.

Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiencies

Save Time and Money with ALPR

  • Reduce costs by eliminating physical permits
  • No more manually checking permits
  • Discover vital information about your customers’ parking habits to improve your services.
  • Utilize pay-by-plate technologies to generate revenue and simplify parking for everyone.

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