Secure remote access

a critical part of business success
Ubiquitous workspace access has become an integral part of doing business.

Providing remote access is now critical to business success. But by granting anywhere, anytime access, organizations run a real risk of data loss and malware propagation.

VPN is not the answer

VPN is the most common means of providing remote access to enterprise networks. The problem is that it’s not secure. VPNs create tunnels between secured networks and potentially unsecured endpoints, opening the door to viruses and malware. They also allow sensitive corporate data to be saved to the user’s mobile device or remote asset—regardless of who’s using it.

VPN reduces transparency. Any investment in data usage monitoring is rendered useless, since remote enterprise data usage via VPN cannot be tracked or audited.

Secure Remote Access Malware Prevention

Truly Secure Remote Access is Exceedingly Rare

Real Secure Remote Access Solutions Share Three Characteristics:

Don’t expose corporate networks
Don’t expose corporate networks to endpoint malware
Require authentication
Require authentication of the user, not the device
Secure sensitive data
Don’t allow sensitive data to leave the network

The relative security of the WiFi network a worker accesses and the type of device they use should not create new vulnerabilities for your enterprise.

Introducing truly secure remote access

MobiKEY provides true secure remote access. Workers get the same Windows experience from anywhere, all files stay within the enterprise network, and remote assets don’t become nodes on the network.

The result? A superlative remote working experience, reduced cost, and no compromise in security posture.

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