Intelligent in-motion screen masking
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Reduce operator distraction

Reduce operator distraction immediately when movement is detected by “masking” a driver’s onboard computer display.

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Forklift accidents result in 34,900
serious injuries annually.

  • Patent-Pending Technology

  • Improve Safety & Reduce Liability


Eliminate the drawbacks of accelerometer, GPS and mobile detection solutions:
  • Delayed response to movement
  • False vibration activations
  • Weak GPS signal detection

Improve safety, reduce liability

When forklift and vehicle operators get distracted by onboard computer displays, you risk critical injury and resulting liability. ScreenSTOP uses a High-Speed Proximity Sensor, more reliable and precise than Accelerometer, GPS, and motion-detector systems. The result is better safety, heightened productivity and increased efficiency.

Technical features

  • Masks the screen within milliseconds when forward or reverse motion is detected
  • Sensor and controller unit can be mounted on a variety of vehicles and machinery
  • Tamper-resistant technology defends against disablement
  • Customize what parts of the screen are masked
  • Add masking delay avoid screen flicker when exceeding velocity threshold

Patent-pending technology

ScreenSTOP is a patent-pending, intelligent in-motion technology solution used for instant screen masking of vehicles in motion. It eliminates the hazards associated with in-vehicle computer displays installed on forklifts and other vehicles.

Gather useful business data

ScreenSTOP provides more than just safety. It generates analytical data that can help management to improve productivity and operations, ultimately driving greater profitability.

ScreenSTOP data is protected end-to-end with our patented universal identity management and service delivery platform, MobiNET, for military-grade user authentication and security. Ask us about ScreenSTOP today.

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