Data storage has come a long way since the days of floppy disks and tape drives. Today, organizations have two main options for storing their data: on-premises and cloud storage. While both options have their advantages, it is important for decision-makers to understand the differences between them in order to make the best decision for […]


On-Premises vs Cloud Hosting: Making the Right Choice for Your Organization

Hybrid-cloud data storage has become an increasingly popular choice for businesses due to its flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. A hybrid-cloud approach provides organizations with increased flexibility, enabling them to optimize their physical security installations to best fit their business needs. This way, they can remain adaptable and agile in their decision-making, while leveraging existing infrastructure […]


Hybrid-Cloud Storage: The Best of Both Worlds for Data Management

With the latest advancements in parking technology using automatic license plate recognition systems, parking operations can now function seamlessly. The same goal was established when Genetec was developing a new form of LPR technology, Cloudrunner. Cloudrunner is a vehicle-centric investigation system that’s sole purpose is public safety. Identifying a vehicle in a crime can unlock […]


Revolutionizing Traffic Monitoring with AutoVu Cloudrunner: The Future of Public Safety

In the past, most organizations have utilized a physical permitting system to ensure their operations ran smoothly. Although this way of operating can be effective, it has been shown to take more time, money, and physical labor than the modern approach of virtual permitting. It can also become a tedious and aggravating experience for many […]


How to move from physical to virtual permits

Finding the best way to operate your parking procedures can be difficult. Everyone has had an aggravating parking experience before, and our goal is to optimize the experience for clients and their customers. In recent years innovative technology has been developed to minimize the time people spend finding the perfect parking spot so that they […]


How to get started with Automatic License Plate Recognition solutions

California State University at Sacramento has just over 32,000 students and almost 2,000 faculty members. With its large flow of daily campus commuters, the university struggled with its parking operations prior to Covid-19. The school manages over 14,000 parking spaces that include 5 structures and several open lots. Dealing with physical permits and gated entry into some of their parking structures caused slower operations and higher costs for the school. The costs of manually operating parking lots and structures were at an all-time high before Covid-19 hit in the spring of 2020.


Sacramento State University’s Success with LPR and Integration with T2 Systems

The City of Milwaukee Wisconsin is continually looking for ways to improve the safety of its citizens and the officers while providing sound parking enforcement to maximize the use of the existing parking supply. This ensures the street is used for the greatest benefit of all residents, businesses, and visitors. It is one of the reasons that we have regular reviews as part of Route1’s Technology Life-cycle Maintenance and Support.


Process review leads the City of Milwaukee to an innovative citation process

An aspect of our turn-key engineering and professional services is our life-cycle maintenance and support, which includes support for our clients’ hardware and software. The Colorado School of Mines upgraded its current support plan to better fit its needs, including more configuration hours and multiple contacts. Our new VP of Operations, Elton Crawford, and Solutions Architect, Garred McMillen, visited Colorado School of Mines to perform a process review.


University Benefits from ALPR Support Plan

December 24, 2021 FEATURES AND ENHANCEMENTS: MobiKEY sessions now consume 80% less bandwidth allowing for the minimum latency possible, whether you’re watching videos or scrolling through graphically intensive websites. Users with low internet speeds are accommodated as well Decreased delay in speaker/microphone capture inside a MobiKEY session/li> Windows 11 support for Remote and Host assets […]


MobiKEY 7.7. MobiNET Agent 7.7