Automatic License Plate Recognition

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology is the future of how parking lots function, crimes are solved, and data is collected. This solution gives you real-time actionable intelligence into your community or business helping your team work more efficiently.

Fixed and mobile camera systems automatically detect, read, and validate license plate information. The initial information gained is used to denote whether a ticket should be issued for a parking violation, or whether the vehicle is registered on the hot list.

Fixed ALPR Camera

Mobile ALPR Camera

Over time the data gained from ALPR cameras can be used to perfect operational efficiencies, generate revenue, and keep the surrounding area safe and secure. For example, if a street or location becomes a common area where stolen vehicles are regularly captured, law enforcement can utilize that data to investigate potential reasons. Another use would be data gathered from street parking violations. As information is collected over time, cities and organizations can use the data to make adjustments to enforcement areas to better improve the day-to-day operations and usage of street parking. 

With a complete suite of ALPR technologies, Route1 offers turn-key engineering and professional services to ensure you get the most out of your investment. We will be there every step of the way from the design and installation of the technology, to the continuous support of technological enhancements and ever-changing outcomes, driving greater profitability and improving operational efficiencies.

"Route1 has been a reliable partner, shown us great teamwork, and been extremely patient throughout our integration project. We couldn't be happier."

Margo Polley
Strategic Advisor, Curbside Management
Transit & Mobility Division
City of Seattle Department of Transportation

Using ALPR for parking can reduce costs by eliminating physical permits and manual permit checking. Gain access to vital information about  your customers' parking habit to improve operational efficiency.

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It takes a copious amount of time to administer and validate parking permits. Physical permits need to be issued and validated, normally by a gate attendant. This can escalate costs and slow down efficiencies. ALPR technology gives you the ability to have a contactless and gateless parking system.

When adopting ALPR technology, a vehicle enters the lot, the license plate is scanned and the car is issued a virtual permit. The process is smooth, timely, and can greatly reduce the money spent on operations. By utilizing a paid parking provider, you can implement the correct procedure needed for your business. Route1 is partnered with several providers such as iParq, T2, and Passport Parking.

Police are also often in charge of parking enforcement at events and in time zone-restricted areas. ALPR cameras are mounted on police vehicles and license plates will be captured and recorded as the officer drives by. When the officer drives past the same parking spots an hour later, they will be able to see if the vehicle is in need of a parking citation.    


ALPR allows law enforcement to utilize a camera that can identify vehicle characteristics and collect rich vehicle-based evidence in all weather conditions. Run license plates against various hotlists or use accounts to filter for vehicle characteristics.

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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

The safety and security of a community are the foundations that make up a livable city. ALPR technology is used to keep communities safe by monitoring the roads for wanted vehicles and using fixed cameras outside of heavily trafficked areas.

When law enforcement uses ALPR technology, the camera is programmed to alert police when a vehicle on the “hot list” is detected, often stopping a crime in its tracks. Police have the ability to track suspects throughout the city, keeping police one step ahead at all times.

When positioned at intersections, ALPR cameras can capture and record car accidents while officers monitor from police headquarters. This allows law enforcement to see real-time footage of the scene and dispatch officers and medical care as needed.


ALPR Technologies

Route1 utilizes Genetec AutoVu LPR technology because of its high-level accuracy in all weather conditions and at any time of the day.

We strategically partner with Genetec for our ALPR equipment due to AutoVu’s high accuracy read rate. Genetec AutoVu MLC (Machine Learning Core) uses a machine-based algorithm, that significantly increases accuracy and capture rate.

When AutoVu MLC was tested against competitors' rule-based LPR cameras, AutoVu MLC captured over 165 more license plates and perfectly identified over 368 more license plates than rule-based cameras. The right ALPR camera plays a significant role in ensuring you are getting the most out of your investment.

Genetec Security Center AutoVu

Extend Your Boundaries

MobiLPR extends ALPR technology to an Android mobile device. MobiLPR allows you to get the same data and analytics that you would from an AutoVu camera but with the ease and functionality of a portable device. MobiLPR enables you to deliver secure in-the-field intelligence for public safety and parking operations. 

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