Automatic License Plate Recognition

Detect, Read, and Validate License Plate Information With Best in Class Accuracy

Route1 provides a complete suite of license plate recognition technologies and professional services to build smart, safe communities.

Fixed and mobile camera systems automatically detect, read, and validate license plate information with the highest level of accuracy, giving clients real time insight into their operations and allowing them work more efficiently.

Route1 offers end to end deployment services coupled with white-glove support, while leveraging proprietary security and privacy solutions.

Getting better insights to boost POD efficiency

University of Arizona

 “We had our first camera up within 20 minutes…. We were fully operational from day one.”

Read how University of Arizona Cleverly Leverages ALPR to Deliver COVID Vaccine

Parking Management
Applications: Public and Private lots, Company Campuses, Public Institutions, On and off-street parking operations and parking garage structures.

Use Cases for ALPR:

Gateless Parking- Increase the flow of parking garages and parking lots by monitoring entry and exit points through touchless and contactless experience by utilizing fixed ALPR technology. Allows for 24/7 monitoring and occupancy tracking of garages and lots.

Enforcement- Quickly patrol parking areas and enforce parking rules by utilizing Mobile LPR technology installed on your enforcement vehicles. Get real time violation alerts right inside the vehicle of violators on and seamlessly issues citations.

Efficiency- Increase efficiency of your operations by patrolling lots faster, manage traffic flow and detect trends to improve and guide critical operation decision making.

Virtual Permits – Utilizing Genetec’s industry leading partner ecosystem, agencies can easily integrate various permit/payment providers data into one centralized location to allow for ease of parking compliance and enforcement. No longer having to check multiple portals to determine if a vehicle is authorized to be in a certain location, let the LPR system do this heavy lifting for you and your team.

Public Safety
Applications: Law Enforcement Agencies, Community Safety Departments, and Crime Investigation Units.

Use Cases for ALPR:

Wanted Vehicle Detection- Quickly identify wanted vehicles, apprehend suspects, and close cases faster by utilizing ALPR for wanted vehicle detection.

Unified Platform- Unify the existing ecosystem by using one solution to combine the power of ALPR and other security technologies, such as security cameras, all while keeping privacy compliance and cybersecurity at the forefront.

Speed Enhancement- Increase investigation and response time so you can spend your time on critical tasks and building community relationships.

Compliance- Ensure you’re always in compliance with government regulations and policy’s through restricting access to data and information, securely managing evidence, and protecting citizens’ privacy rights.

Gain Actionable Intelligence, Generate Exceptional Outcomes

Route1 partners with our clients, using the most advanced technology to help them acquire, manage, and analyze unbiased, transparent, and accurate data. We leverage our years of experience and expertise to support Public Safety and Parking Management clients to successfully deploy ALPR within their organization. Route1 works closely with our clients to ensure a seamless deployment process by offering turn key services related to ALPR deployment and ongoing support services to ensure ongoing success of your investment.


 Contact Route1 for:

  • Technology architecture and procurement
  • Integrations, installation and training
  • Database management
  • Custom data visualization and actionable intelligence
  • Professional consultation and best-practice expertise
  • Best-in-business service and support
  • Military-grade data security
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Spotlight, powered by MobiNET
As a Genetec AutoVu Premier Partner since 2015, Route1 offers the full suite of AutoVu license plate reading technologies and the Security Center advance analytics system.
Route1 is able to offer unmatched ALPR performance utilizing Genetec’s Machine Learning Core to deliver consistent and accurate reads, to enhance operational procedures, and decrease read correction needs.
Extend your boundaries
Genetec Sharp V Fixed Camera
  • POE++ power and data
  • Embedded 4G/LTE modem option
  • On-board analytics – Vehicle type, vehicle color, speed estimation, direction of travel, virtual loop, plate origin (state and country), etc.
Genetec Security Center
  • Leverage existing database and interface
  • Locally-regulated data privacy and access
Genetec Sharp Z3 Mobile
  • Modular Design
  • Embedded GPS
  • High Speed Capture
  • Three Optical Sensors

Advanced reporting

Augmented video surveillance cameras

Vehicle behavior analysis

Unified interface

End-to-end security

With AutoVu, your data belongs exclusively to you. You choose how long different data types are retained, who has access to the data and who you share the data with.

With Route1, we take security one step further and AutoVu data is protected end-to-end with our patented universal identity management and service delivery platform MobiNET, for military-grade user authentication and security.

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AutoVu Charger

Extend Your Boundaries

Extend mobile LPR beyond mounting to a vehicle.

MobiLPR puts a proactive tool in your pocket with an Android phone app that scans plates and searches your hotlists for alerts in real time.