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Get the device you need, or upgrade your fleet. When you need rugged, we’ve got the brands you can trust. From semi-rugged to full MIL-STD-810G-certified, we have you covered. We also provide full end-to-end mobile technology solutions and project lifecycle services across all sectors and vertical industries.

Device and Technology Solutions

Laptops and Notebooks

Purpose-built durable laptops and notebooks engineered for the harshest environments


Rugged Laptops

Rugged and semi-rugged laptops and notebooks are built for more than surviving stress tests. When you need a laptop that works reliably, for years at a time, there is no compromise. Why keep replacing equipment that breaks? From semi-rugged to full MIL-STD-810G-certified, we carry the brands you can trust. 

Purpose-built durable laptops and notebooks are specifically designed to operate reliably in harsh conditions, whether it’s vibrations and shocks, extreme temperatures, wet or dusty environments. Consumer-grade laptops are not. A rugged-looking cover doesn’t mean it’s a rugged device. 



Tablets built to endure bumps, drops and stormy weather

If you put your tablets to the test on a daily basis, you need something that won’t break. That stays powered up all day long. That you can use in full sunlight, and works in the rain. From semi-rugged to full MIL-STD-810G-certified, we carry the tablets and brands you can trust.

Purpose-built rugged tablets are specifically designed to operate reliably in harsh conditions. Consumer-grade tablets are not. A rugged-looking cover doesn’t mean it’s a rugged device.

The ratings to look for are drop resistance, operating temperature range, electric shock resistance, and ability to withstand vibration—not to mention a shatter-resistant screen.

Tried and Tested Tablets

Handhelds and Scanners

Rugged handhelds and scanners deliver maximum reliability and productivity in tough work environments


Handy, Hardy Handhelds and Scanners

Handhelds and scanners are used inside and out, from warehouses to equipment yards and oilfields. In just about every situation, they can get dropped or stepped on. They can get soaked or dusty. Whatever the case, you need a handheld that works perfectly and lasts all day long.

Handhelds and scanners are used inside and out. They suffer falls, moisture, and may even endure dust storms. Look for operational temperature ratings, ingress protection ratings against solids (sand or dust), and liquids (hopefully water). Those approved by the U.S. military are MIL-STD-810G-certified and tested in a variety of environments, which may include high-altitude operation…and stopping a bullet. 


Durable printers for use on-the-go


Rugged, Portable Printers

When you’re in the field, the most important qualities in a printer are ruggedness, reliability, and portability. Our printers are as rugged as they come. Some will even fit in your pocket.

Portability and reliability are key. So are fast printing, compact design, and rugged durability. Whether you’re printing labels, citations, or full-page documents, the right printer can improve productivity and efficiency in the warehouse, on the road, or wherever your job takes you.

Vehicle Docking Station and Mounts

Find the right dock or mount for your device and vehicle


Docking Stations and Vehicle Mounts

Slide your laptop into its dock and you’re instantly connected to power, printers, scanners, media drives, and any other peripheral devices you need. Convenience is assured when reliability is key, which is why our docks come with OEM manufacturer circuitry for out-of-the-box compatibility.

Whether your fleet consists of cars, vans, trucks, forklifts, or other vehicle types, we can provide you with ideal, rugged mounts for laptops, tablets and other devices. The right mount, made from high-quality materials, will protect your device (and yourself) in the event of an accident.

WiFi Networks

Get powerful, dependable WiFi


Connectivity, When You Need It Most

Smart communications calls for fast Internet connectivity. Professionals in public safety, utility, and other sectors know that rugged, dependable hotspots are the answer.

Check for the IEEE 802.11n or IEEE 802.11ac WiFi standard. The 802.11ac standard is also known as Gigabit WiFi, as it can provide wireless data rates above 1 Gbps per radio. This rivals hardwired speeds and meets the throughput requirements of multiple HD video and VoIP connections.

Mobile Wireless

Stay connected, wherever you are


Connect On The Go

Always-on wireless connectivity in the field ensures that mission-critical communication is not disrupted. Choose rugged mobile routers that are proven reliable.

Look for a mobile wireless router that can handle the data throughput you require and the number of devices you need to connect. Ideally, this means the IEEE 802.11ac WiFi standard compatible with 4G and even 5G networks. Also look for ports with easy wired connection in the case of in-vehicle mobile wireless.

Computing, Printing and Scanning Accessories

Batteries, holders, adapters, desktop docks: find them all here


Accessories For Your Rugged Devices

Increase your ability in the field. From in-vehicle chargers and back-up printer batteries to docking stations and more, we have everything you need to optimize productivity on the go.

Whether it’s a battery, an adapter, or a cartridge, OEM equipment is crucial. You buy brand names for a reason: dependability and trustworthiness. The same goes for accessories. The last thing you need is an off-brand battery that flames out in the middle of a busy day.

Mobile Antennas and Wireless Accessories

Extend your coverage in the field


Boost Your Connection Power

Become a mobile connection powerhouse in the field with high-performing mobile antennas from top manufacturers. Antennas deliver better coverage, stronger signals, and higher speeds. Ensure continuous operation with available power adapters and car chargers.

When choosing a mobile antenna, consider your needs. Does it need to be connected most or all of the time? Bracket mounts or vehicle roof screw/bolt mounts are ideal for everyday use, while magnetic and dashboard mounts are best for occasional use in low-reception areas. Consider also the frequencies required by your devices. 

Mobile Video and Video Accessories

Extend your coverage in the field


Seamless Video Management

Our range of mobile video devices and accessories offers unparalleled video capture and storage transfer. Devices are designed to work with back-end software for seamless video management, including archival and retrieval.

Look for mobile video that’s proven in the field and rated highly by users. Body-worn cameras should be tested for durability, including resistance to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, dust and moisture. Vehicle-mounted video solutions must be rugged, high-resolution, low in power consumption, and complete with easy-to-use management software.