Uncover your top industrial process inefficiencies and their root causes
Spotlight, powered by MobiNET

Industrial Data Analytics To Improve Your Bottom Line

Spotlight, powered by MobiNET Stand
  • Capture the Data

  • Interpret the Data

  • Deliver the Data in the form of actionable work orders to solve problems

It Delivers the Data You Need

ActionPLAN, Powered by MobiNET, is a secure technology that delivers real time, quantitative industrial process data and analytics to help you pinpoint the exact sources of unplanned downtime.
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Discover the root causes of downtime
• Find ways to boost productivity
Find ways to boost productivity
• Resolve automation issues
Resolve automation issues
• Identify cost reduction potential
Identify cost reduction potential
• Re-engineer requirements
Re-engineer requirements

Quickly Locate and Resolve Issues

Knowing exactly where to look to solve production issues is crucial to eliminating the root causes of downtime.

Most OEE and other programs that monitor machine heartbeats or production runtime metrics deliver overview quantitative data, leaving plant staff to try and determine the root causes of problems.

ActionPLAN, Powered by MobiNET, captures and analyzes process data collected from Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and other automation devices, including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices. It identifies cycles with unplanned downtime and locates the exact inputs that are causing problems, delivering granular, actionable information.

Highly secure service delivery

ActionPLAN is powered by MobiNET, our patented military-grade universal identity management and service delivery platform. MobiNET provides military-grade user authentication and security. It transports granular PLC-derived data in a highly secure fashion, transforming and aggregating it into a secure cloud-based data warehouse where it can be analyzed for near real-time business intelligence.

Top Features

  • Securely transports process data from the industrial hardened DCD, transforming and aggregating it into a secure cloud-based data warehouse
  • Performs automated data analysis
  • Provides an intuitive dashboard that identifies top real-time productivity issues and provides recommendations
  • Includes alert and notification capabilities
  • Leverages the full credential life cycle management capabilities of MobiNET
  • Supported by Route1’s 24/7/365 help desk

You’ve got downtime. But where is it?

Let us show you exactly where to look.

Quick to deploy, scale and secure

ActionPLAN, Powered by MobiNET, is architected to ensure ease of deployment, scalability and security. It consists of several components:

  • Industrial hardened Data Collection Device:

    The DCD is a high security industrial device located on-premise and programmed to communicate with PLCs and other controlling devices using industry standard OPC/UA. It is internally firewalled from the plant’s network and remains isolated from all extraneous interactions. No inbound firewall ports are required — all data is encrypted and transmitted using Route1’s CryptoPath high assurance communication service.

  • Route1 CryptoPath:

    Provides secure communication with MobiNET.

  • MobiNET:

    Route1’s universal identity management and service delivery platform confirms the identities of individual users and their entitlement to access specific applications, data or resources. The MobiNET platform combines the strength of a PKI technology with the trust and flexibility of multi-factor authentication, meeting the stringent security mandates and policies established by governments, defense organizations and commercial enterprises.

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  • Plant floor display:

    Displays the dashboard on-site.

  • Secure Web-based Interface:

    Access the dashboard and standardized reports from any Web browser.

In-depth analytics

Discover the analytic capabilities of ActionPLAN, Powered by MobiNET, in incredible detail.