Vehicle Docking Stations and Mounts

What’s the difference?

A vehicle mount enables laptops and notebooks to be solidly mounted within a vehicle, while a docking station adds on the power source and connection interfaces that turn a laptop into a desktop computer. Whichever your need, we can help.

Docking stations

Slide your laptop into its dock and you’re instantly connected to power, printers, scanners, media drives, and any other peripheral devices you need. Convenience is assured when reliability is key, which is why our docks come with OEM manufacturer circuitry for out-of-the-box compatibility.

Vehicle mounts

Whether your fleet consists of cars, vans, trucks, forklifts, or other vehicle types, we can provide you with ideal, rugged mounts for laptops, tablets and other devices. The right mount, made from high-quality materials, will protect your device (and yourself) in the event of an accident.

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What to look for in vehicle mounts and docking stations

When selecting a mount or a dock, there are four things to look for: compatibility with your device, compatibility with your vehicle make and model, OEM circuitry for reliable operation, and quality materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum for mounts.