MobiKEY vs VPN



MobiKEY vs VPN


Multi-Factor Authentication Fully integrated Smart Card and PKI based authentication for the highest degree of security. Not included.  Requires integration of a third party solution.
Remote Device Any internet enabled computer or mobile device can be used safely and securely. Requires a dedicated and pre-configured remote computer or relies on less secure browser-based approaches.
Data Movement None.  All data/files remain behind enterprise firewalls. Data/files can leave enterprise – distributed on external computers or devices.
Attack Vulnerability Immune to man-in-the-middle attacks, browser exploits, viruses and other malware. Require strong endpoint security enforcement to prevent virus or malware infiltration.   The VPN gateway is a target for penetration attacks.
Data Loss No data is stored on the MobiKEY device or on the remote computer/device.  Prevents data leakage. Serious security problem if remote PC is lost or stolen.  An organization may be unable to recover data or know who is in possession.




MobiKEY vs VPNWhile VPN (See What Is a VPN) is the most common means of providing remote access to enterprise networks, today’s businesses and organizations need something better than VPN to ensure data at rest and in transit is fully protected from bad actors. When making a VPN comparison with Route1 solutions, users see how the ability to provide secure network access where data never leaves the safety of the network is far superior to VPN.

That’s because VPNs create tunnels between secured networks and potentially unsecured endpoints, opening the door to viruses and malware. They also allow sensitive corporate data to be saved to the user’s mobile device or remote asset—regardless of who’s using it.

Route1 remote access technologies, on the other hand, provides proper secure remote access that focuses on the user rather than the device so remote assets don’t become nodes on the network. Although data never leaves the confines of the network, users still have anywhere, anytime access based on credentialing that is simple, scalable, secure, and infinitely user definable by administrators.

In the end, it’s clear that Route1 remote access solutions and VPN comparison is no comparison at all. Route1 services and solutions are designed with evolving security, users, and cost containment in mind so that no area is compromised over another. The result is an easily adaptable, scalable, and integrated solution that is far better than VPN.