Industries Served: Financial Services

Assured Regulatory Compliance with Route1 Data Security in Financial Services

When it comes to financial data security, regulatory compliance for PCI DSS, SOX and GLBA require strict control over user access logins to computers or systems that contain sensitive data. MobiKEY makes it easy for financial institutions to meet the challenge of compliance where employee access is concerned. We do that by ensuring that PII data never leaves the network or actually resides on any computer or mobile device being used by your employees.

Our universal identity management and data access platform provides consistent, and accurate user identification and authentication for all types of network and user-based needs. In addition, financial institutions get the granular auditing and reporting framework they need to ensure compliance and manage data access including printing and copying privileges/reporting.

Route1 Closes the Financial Data Security Access Loop

multi-factor authenticationData security in financial institutions is as much about guarding against internal threats as much as external threats to the network. MobiKEY provides the platform to close the data security loop where employee access endpoints can pose the biggest threat to data breaches through improper use of access credentials.

MobiKEY in conjunction with our cloud-based platform provides state-of-the-art encryption, multifactor authentication and granular privilege/user access control and management to easily administrate data access. MobiKEY identity management solutions collectively enable all authentications, access management, certificate distribution and connection facilitation within the network.

Financial Data Access Control Beyond the Network

Financial data security becomes more challenging as institutions create new branches and connections to third-party services that increase the potential attack surface. MobiKEY is designed to help financial institutions administrate access control across all employees, branches and disparate locations using any device.

Our agentless data security solutions drive your holistic multi-tier access security strategy from day one. That means anywhere, any time, and any device data access with infinite security to meet evolving use case, application, and compliance requirements today and tomorrow.