MobiKEY Enterprise Policy

Customizable policy options for MobiKEY deployment


1. Secure Remote Printing

Secure Remote Printing provides you with the ability to print from the Host Asset using the Remote Asset’s printer resources if the Host Asset has Secure Remote Printing enabled. For security reasons, distinct versions are available with the Secure Remote Printing capability enabled or disabled. To verify if the Host Asset has Secure Remote Printing enabled, check the “MobiKEY Session” tab in the MobiNET Agent software on the Host Asset.

2. Secure Remote Scanning

Secure Remote Scanning provides the ability to scan documents directly to the Host Asset using the MobiKEY user’s Remote Asset and scanning resources. The Remote Asset must have a TWAIN compatible scanner attached locally via a USB port and have all the necessary drivers installed for proper local functioning of the scanner. The scanned image is securely transferred to the Host Asset.

3. Secure Storage

Secure Storage provides an encrypted partition available for secure file storage on the MobiKEY Fusion3 and MC3 devices, encrypted to the user’s PIV, CAC or embedded smart card. The encrypted partition only becomes accessible after successful authentication.

4. Password Reset

The Password Reset capability allows the end user, with assistance from the Route1 Security Officer, to reset the current password on their smart card. This capability will only function once the end user has enrolled in the service prior to disabling the smart card. The Password Reset capability is currently only available to MC3 users.Without Password Reset, MC3 users who have forgotten their passwords will need to reset the MobiKEY device to factory default and repeat the registration and pairing process. MobiKEY Fusion, MobiKEY Fusion3, MobiKEY A2T, and MobiKEY TAC users will need to contact their ID Card Administrator for further information related to resetting the password on their ID cards.

5. Host/No Host

Enterprises deploying the MC3 device can choose whether the MobiNET Agent software is imaged on the MC3 device. Having the MobiNET Agent software on the MobiKEY device allows users with administrative rights to install the MobiNET Agent software on any Host Asset by simply inserting their MobiKEY device. Alternatively, the MobiNET Agent software can be provided to your organization separately in the form of an executable setup package or an MSI for company IT administrators to deploy via enterprise software deployment tools or on an as required basis.