Threat Detection

Monitor All Internal and External Security Cameras From One Location

Knowing when and where a threat might take place around your school or workplace is impossible to predict. Even with 24/7 surveillance, there is a chance that it is too late for a security officer to act fast enough. An intrusion can result in people getting hurt or forced into a dangerous situation. 

From one location, you can monitor your perimeter and door access, view surveillance cameras, and notify local law enforcement when there is a breach. By integrating your current security cameras, you will have a better view of the external and internal traffic of your business, better preparing you for any scenario that needs immediate action.


Be Prepared with Threat Detection Technology


  • Automatically track an intruder’s speed and position when a breach is detected 
  • Perimeter protection is the first line of defense 
  • Utilize the same interface that allows you to monitor video camera, physical access control, and vehicle movement, to monitor perimeter intruders 
  • Ability to pair with Access Control, and remotely secure areas when a threat is detected 

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