Parking Enforcement

Limit Expenses and Maintain Public Safety

Large events such as football games, parades, and festivals cause chaos in parking lots surrounding the area. In a sea of people, it can be difficult for law enforcement officers to maintain public safety in a vehicle. Police are in charge of monitoring the flow of traffic, managing parking enforcement, and making sure everyone is safe.

Whether in a vehicle, on horseback, on a bicycle, or on foot, police officers can scan license plates to ensure there are no vehicles of interest at the venue or surrounding area. This guarantees that law enforcement will have access to license plate recognition technology at the tips of their fingers. 

Enhance Parking Services and Security

  • Strengthen your corporate security by adopting AutoVu ALPR technology into your parking structures and lots
  • Easier to make informed decisions when you have access to information
  • Manage your parking and security systems through one integrated system
  • AutoVu ALPR cameras record and display parking lot occupancy, the number of unpermitted or overtime vehicles, and other real-time and historical trends to improve your enforcement efficiency
  • Have the ability to merge body-worn cameras, video cameras, access control readers, and more all on one integrated platform
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