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What We Offer

The Route1 suite of patented enterprise security technologies combines best-in-class authentication, data security and secure communications with a proven, trusted infrastructure.

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Enterprise Security to protect against data breach

Problems we solve

The impacts of cybercrime have reached critical levels. What was once dismissed as an ‘IT issue’ has now become a strategic business focus, due to the increasing depth and severity of data breaches.

Route1 technologies enable you to maintain a productive and flexible workforce without compromising the security of system access, data at rest or data in use – even when people make mistakes.

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Your Organization Benefits

Route1 technologies are an affordable way to eliminate the risks to your enterprise including penetration attacks, data leakage, identity falsification and the human factor.
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Government Contract Vehicles

Route1 routinely works with federal government and military clients. A broad range of contract vehicles enable hassle-free engagement.

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