The Route1 story

A Growing Need

When Route1 was founded, the iPhone had not yet made its debut. There were no tablets in the workplace; mobility as it is now known didn’t exist. But information security, particularly cybersecurity, was becoming more critical to good organizational governance.

Route1 Secure remote access

Security First

Route1 was formed in 2004 to develop a solution that provided secure mobile access to enterprise digital resources through strong identity management. Our approach was, and continues to be, unique: in a world driven by functionality, we focus on security first. Where others create functionality and then add security, we design and architect solutions with security as a first principle.

Bona fides

Since 2004, we have grown. We have taken on many clients, one of which clearly validated our user authentication and security offerings: the U.S. government. We engaged with the Department of the Navy, the Department of Defense, and the Department of the Interior.

More recently, we realized that security was only part of the picture. Private sector clients especially began to look to us to solve problems with technology. We did, to the best of our abilities. Our software development team is without parallel, but we had to reach outside of our own organization to come up with all the parts of the required solutions. Things often get done better, quicker, and at a higher margin, when you do them yourselves.

The pivot

In early 2017 we began to leverage our patented universal identity management and service delivery platform to deliver more than MobiKEY, our secure remote access solution that delivers the desktop through the cloud. We added a second security software application, DerivID; derived credentials for PIV and CAC users. Then in the second half of 2017 we moved into a new arena, data acquisition and analytics, with ActionPLAN. Our entire suite of software offerings leveraged the same service delivery platform, MobiNET.

On March 22nd, 2018, we continued our pivot with the acquisition of GroupMobile Int’l (now GroupMobile), a supplier of rugged mobile devices, integration and lifecycle management services. This enabled us to capture margin to which we had never had access, strengthen outside and inside sales and expand use of our core technologies.

On June 28th, 2019 we acquired Denver-based PCS Mobile, a company similar to GroupMobile, but desirable because of their premier dealer status with Genetec AutoVu™, the leader in license plate recognition (LPR) technology; the quality and depth of their sales team; and their sales footprint. The acquisition gave us enhanced access to a ready client base in progressive states like Arizona, California, Colorado, and Texas, creating significant opportunities to sell data security and analytics software applications and capabilities into the southwestern U.S.

Shortly thereafter we switched our sales posture from a solution to a challenger sales model. We knew our customers well enough that we felt we could add value by moving them away from their status quo approach to procurement, and towards solving their underlying business issues—a recipe for deeper, more profitable relationships.

The top- and bottom-line growth that Route1 is realizing comes from both organic sales and through acquisition. The acquisitions we are targeting are rugged device and LPR technology dealers and resellers, and hardware services companies with robust gross profit and deep client relationships, as well as early-stage technology companies with unique intellectual property (IP) that will support and accelerate our internal software engineering efforts, and strengthen our product development roadmap.

The acquisitions completed in 2018 and 2019 have added strong sales capabilities and a ready customer base, while augmenting the IP that we have developed through our excellent software engineering team. New technologies like Genetec’s AutoVu™, ScreenSTOP and ActionPLAN help us better address our customers’ everyday needs and challenges.

The current Route1 offering helps our customers to secure, understand, visualize and leverage their data. This is powerful—it is removing customers’ traditional ‘hard’ limitations and transforming their businesses. The future looks bright.

The Route1 Team

The Route1 management team embodies two core strengths: proven technology experience, and the ability to transform growth-stage companies into market leaders.
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