New Technology and Services

Remove your limitations
Our world-class, in-house implementation team can help you redraw the boundaries of your capabilities.

Software development

With several technology patents under their belts, there isn’t much that our world-class software engineering team can’t do. We’ll dissect your most complex business challenges, and solve them with custom solutions. 

Managed hardware and other services

Shed the burden of security, updates and repair while reducing capital expense. Route1 will supply and manage your hardware to meet your needs—from endpoints through to cabling and infrastructure.

Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS)

Free up your capital and realize ultimate scalability by accessing the technology you need, on demand. From endpoints to servers, we can supply required technology, configured to your specifications.

Hardware break-and-fix

When IT problems strike, it’s good to have a solution ready. Our IT team will arrive onsite quickly to analyze and remedy your issues without delay.

Engineering and Installation

Have security hardware architected, installed, serviced, and maintained by integration specialists.

Whatever you call work—a manufacturing plant, a university parking lot or a theater of operations—we can help you leverage data with advanced technologies and services. Remove your limitations, all while assuring military-grade data security.

  • Drive greater profitability
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Gain sustainable competitive advantages
  • Enhance and ensure mission outcomes
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