Pairing your MobiKEY Device with a Remote Host

The Remote Pairing method will require an Activation Code to be generated on the Host. You may need to ask a colleague for assistance if you do not have physical access to your Host. The Activation Code is comprised of 16 hexadecimal characters.

Entering the Activation Code on your MobiKEY Device
Insert your MobiKEY device into any Remote Asset connected to the Internet. When the Login screen appears, login to your MobiKEY device, then click on "Add Host".

On a Windows Remote Asset, if you are asked "Which computer would you like to add to your list of Hosts?" select "Another remote computer" and click "Next".

If you are using a Bootable MobiKEY or a Mac OS X or Linux Remote Asset, you will be taken immediately to the "Activation Code" screen. You will also be taken immediately to the "Activation Code" screen if you are using MobiKEY Fusion (on any OS) or if you are using an MC3 device and you have no administrative privileges, or if you are using an MC3 device that has not been packaged with the MobiNET Agent installer.

The following screen is displayed.

Figure 1. Enter Activation Code in the Add Host Wizard

Enter the Activation Code that was generated on the Host. Click "Next". You should see the pairing confirmation screen. Please refer to the "Remote Pairing with a MobiKEY Device" section of this guide for information on how to generate the Activation Code and activate the pairing.

Click "Finish" after the pairing has been activated on your MobiNET Agent software. You will be able to see this new Host once you refresh your Host list.