Pairing with a Host

The Remote Pairing method will require a 'Pairing ID' to be generated by the MobiNET Agent software running on the Host Asset. You may need to ask a colleague for assistance if you do not have physical access to your Host. Please see the 'Remote Pairing with a MobiKEY' section of the MobiNET Agent Help web site for details.

Once you have created the 'Pairing ID' on the Host, return to the MobiKEY app and tap the 'Add Host' button.

Entering the Pairing ID in Your MobiKEY Application

Launch the MobiKEY application, log in, then tap on 'Add Host'.

The following screen is displayed.

Figure 1. Enter Pairing ID


Enter the 'Pairing ID' that was generated on your Host Asset.
Tap the 'OK' button.

You should see the pairing confirmation screen.

Figure 2. Pairing Confirmation

Tap the 'OK' button.

Once the pairing is activated using the MobiNET Agent software, you will be able to see the new Host when you refresh your Host list.