Laptops and Notebooks

Rugged, robust laptops

Rugged and semi-rugged laptops and notebooks are built for more than surviving stress tests. When you need a laptop that works reliably, for years at a time, there is no compromise. Why keep replacing equipment that breaks? From semi-rugged to full MIL-STD-810G-certified, we carry the brands you can trust. 

Purpose-built durable laptops and notebooks equipped to survive the harshest of environments

What makes a laptop truly rugged?

Purpose-built durable laptops and notebooks are specifically designed to operate reliably in harsh conditions, whether it’s vibrations and shocks, extreme temperatures, wet or dusty environments. Consumer-grade laptops are not. A rugged-looking cover doesn’t mean it’s a rugged device. 

Things to look for:

  • a durable fame
  • reinforced corners
  • shielded connectors
  • a shatter-resistant screen