Industries Served: Healthcare

MobiKEY Anywhere Any Device Healthcare Data Access with Full HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare information security is a constant struggle in the digital age of mobility and BYOD where providers need anywhere any device access with assured healthcare data security and HIPAA regulatory compliance. MobiKEY is designed to provide that access to the network from outside the healthcare environment using any device.

Route1 solutions go far beyond the security limitations of VPN by ensuring that your data never leaves the network. With a simple and secure MobiKEY device, your healthcare personnel can have anywhere anytime access to medical imaging, EHR, and patient records without worry of data security risks. That’s because MobiKEY in conjunction with our agentless universal identity management and service delivery platform ensures that PHI and PII data never leaves the network or actually resides on the device.

Route1 Solutions for Comprehensive Access Control

Comprehensive security in healthcare information systems starts with access control. With Route1 solutions IT teams can have infinite and granular control of access and permissions to protected data that never leaves the confines of the protected network.

While the size and resources of your network as well as IT organization may vary, the security threats to data are the same. That’s why Route1 provides scalable, consistent, and accurate user identification and authentication for all types of network and user-based needs.

Route1 solutions deliver state-of-the-art encryption, multifactor authentication and granular access/privilege control management while ensuring that data never leaves the secure network. Data protection in healthcare must be seamless, simple, and infinitely secure. Our data access security solutions are designed for anywhere, any time and any device data access with infinite security to meet evolving use case, application, and compliance requirements today and tomorrow.