Handhelds and Scanners

Handy, hardy handhelds and scanners

Handhelds and scanners are used inside and out, from warehouses to equipment yards and oilfields. In just about every situation, they can get dropped or stepped on. They can get soaked or dusty. Whatever the case, you need a handheld that works perfectly and lasts all day long.

Rugged handhelds deliver maximum reliability and productivity in tough work environments.

What makes for a reliable handheld device?

Handhelds and scanners are used inside and out. They suffer falls, moisture, and may even endure dust storms. Look for operational temperature ratings, ingress protection ratings against solids (sand or dust), and liquids (hopefully water). Those approved by the U.S. military are MIL-STD-810G-certified and tested in a variety of environments, which may include high-altitude operation…and stopping a bullet.