Cyber security: a strategic imperative

Cyber Security is a Core Business Issue

Recent events, including the 2017 U.S. election, have shifted perceptions regarding cyber security. It used to be shuffled aside as an IT line item. Now it’s a strategic imperative.

cyber security breach

What’s happened is that we have reached a tipping point. Costs to national and economic security have reached an unacceptable level — whether it’s pilfering political or economic secrets, stealing corporate intellectual property, or attacking critical infrastructure.

Cyber Crime is no Longer a Minor Annoyance

It’s a Core Business Issue

Building Protection

If you believe that your information is not that important, consider the consequence of a breach. Do you really want someone to gain access to all your data?

Cyber security is important to every organization — for stakeholder confidence reasons, balance sheet reasons, personal privacy reasons, and for national security reasons.

Organizations need to invest in security technologies that protect them from cyber crime, including espionage.

Most still use ineffective security technologies, or technologies that are effective only when people don’t make mistakes. Others sidestep protection and fixate on the false promise of cyber insurance — getting a payout after someone steals the golden goose.

The first step towards true protection is simple:

Stop Using Security Solutions Predicated on Human Infallibility
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