Edward M. Reeder Jr. retired from the US Army in 2016 after nearly 35 years of service.  Reeder spent the last 30 years in uniform as a Special Forces Officer commanding at every level in the US Army Special Forces. 

Reeder served as the Commanding General of the US Army Special Forces Command, consisting of 15,000 Soldiers with a USD $450 million operating budget.  He was responsible for manning, training, equipping, and deploying the elite US Army Green Berets operating in 56 different countries each day.  Reeder also served as the Commanding General of the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School.  He was responsible for the entry level training of the US Army Special Forces, Psychological Operations and Civil Affairs, as well as, selected advanced training for the greater US Special Operations community.

Reeder currently serves as the President and CEO of Five Star Global Security.  He also continues to serve as an advisor to SOCOM training programs as well as providing his deep leadership experience to students at University of North Carolina.