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On August 5th, 2022
IPMI Parking and Mobility Conference and Expo 2022

IPMI 2022 held in New Orleans, LA was a wonderful combination of the top minds and companies in Parking and Mobility. Route1 enjoyed connecting with our current integration partners Genetec, T2 Systems, iParq, and Passport, as well as meeting new partners. It was great seeing the growth in the end users of ALPR technology and exciting to see how far ALPR technology has come in terms of deployment and acceptance at the university and community parking level. The two biggest themes we noticed at IPMI were the integration of ALPR technology with other video capture technologies such as video surveillance, and how campus leadership wants to integrate their technology with their local sheriff or police department.


We had an amazing time at IPMI and look forward to attending more parking events in the near future. Route1 is an industry leader in ALPR technology and provides turn-key engineering and professional services for all of your integration needs. Connect with one of our sales engineers here or join us at future events.