Gain actionable intelligence, generate exceptional outcomes.

Generate exceptional outcomes for your organization with real-time secure delivery of actionable intelligence—whether in a manufacturing plant, in-theater, or in a university parking lot.
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Unleash your true potential.

With the right analysis, your performance potential is limitless. We can put the appropriate technology in place to help you find key insights and remove your limitations, all while assuring military-grade data security.

Why Route1

Route1 help organizations of all kinds use the data they have—and data they didn’t even know they had—to make better decisions and gain tremendous advantages…with no compromise in data security.
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The 4 components of transforming data into knowledge

Secure data
with patented technologies

Understand data with real-time acquisition and analytics

Visualize data with industrial-grade rugged devices

Leverage data with advanced technologies and services

Upcoming Events

The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC)

May 11 – May 14, 2020

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Go here to view our first quarter financial results.

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Route1 Announces Q1 2020 Financial Results
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A very special thank you to all of the men and women who gave their lives for the sake of our freedom.

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