Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer at Route1, Yamian Quintero leads the teams responsible for developing a number of core technologies for Route1 MobiNET and other related products and services.

He is also responsible for expanding the company’s intellectual property portfolio. Quintero brings over 10 years of information security experience in the fields of cryptography, identity management, security protocols and smart card technology.

Prior to joining Route1, Quintero was a senior cryptographic developer with Kasten Chase Applied Research. In this role, he was the lead cryptographic engine developer and played a key role in developing a hardware-based cryptographic accelerator. Previously, Quintero held positions as systems architect, project leader, and security researcher responsible for designing and implementing a public key cryptosystem that is used today by a national certification authority. Quintero acquired extensive knowledge in the use and deployment of smart cards, and was involved in the development of a toll collection and electronic purse system. Among Quintero’s innovative academic assignments is the development of an automatic theorem proof in the graphs theory field. Quintero has written articles on smart card technologies and cryptographic techniques that have¬†appeared in numerous journals and trade publications.