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The MobiKEY Solution 

High Assurance Mobile Access to your Workplace

At Route1 we believe that in designing an answer to the secure mobility challenge, the technology you deploy should:

  Axioms To Build An Answer By:

  • 1
    Authenticate. Prior to providing any access or entitlements to an employee, mobile worker or contractor, they first must be authenticated by not less than two factors – “something you have” and “something you know”. Preferably, the “something you have” is discrete and separate from the device you are using for the remote access data session.
  • 2
    Secure the fortress. Accessing data when you are remote does not mean that data needs to be pulled to (or transferred to) the remote device you are working from. Data is best protected, and the network secured, when there is no movement of the data outside of the enterprise network.
  • 3
    Reduce costs. Many will have you believe that better data security increases your IT cost structure, which is simply not true.



The MobiKEY platform combines the strength of a PKI technology with the trust and flexibility of multi-factor authentication, meeting the stringent security mandates and policies established by governments, defense organizations and commercial enterprises.


The MobiNET is a universal identity management and service delivery platform that confirms the identities of individual users and their entitlement to access specific applications, data or resources.


MobiLINK is an authentication and secure access technology that enables users to securely access internal web-enabled applications and web resources from anywhere in the world.


MobiENCRYPT is the cost-effective way to protect your organization against data-at-rest security breaches and losses. It delivers remote and local on-the-fly full disk encryption (FDE) using pre-boot multi-factor authentication.

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