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The Solution 

How does an enterprise cost-effectively enable mobile users to securely access enterprise applications, data and networks?

Route1 has the Answer

The MobiNET platform and its related suite of applications and devices is the answer to every organization's information assurance challenge.

The MobiNET is a universal identity management and service delivery platform that confirms the identities of individual users and their entitlement to access specific applications, data or resources. It is driven by the identity of the person, not the remote device they are using. Consistent and accurate identification of the individual or the entity significantly reduces the burden of securing access. Since authentication is inherently addressed by the MobiNET platform, IT managers can focus instead on what individuals are authorized to access – where they can go within the network and what they can do there. Organizations can ensure the integrity of their data, authorizing and facilitating secure connections between individuals and their digital resources from anywhere in the world.



Highly secure, mobile computing technology that integrates multi-factor authentication and identity management in a mobile computing environment.

Identity management and secure access technology that enables enterprise users or customers to securely access applications and web resources (internal or cloud-based) from anywhere in the world.

The MobiNET platform combines the strength of a PKI technology with the trust and flexibility of multi-factor authentication, meeting the stringent security mandates and policies established by governments, defense organizations and commercial enterprises.

The MobiNET is utilized by MobiKEY and MobiLINK, Route1's positively disruptive answer to addressing the secure mobility challenge.

DEFIMNET is universal identity management and service delivery platform designed to reside within all levels of classified and unclassified networks. It works with other command and control network systems to enforce confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. It enables consistent information assurance across commands, services, agencies, platforms and systems.

Organizations install Route1’s DEFIMNET platform into their existing IT infrastructure. While developed from the MobiNET platform, it differs in that all authentications, access management, certificate distribution and connection facilitation takes place within the organization’s network.

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