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MobiKEY Enterprise Tools

Route1 offers a suite of tools to enable organizations to effectively manage the MobiKEY technology deployment.

MobiNET Administration and Provisioning (MAP)

A secure web-based portal and suite of tools that allows IT administrators to provision, monitor and manage the identity, entitlement, and services of MobiKEY subscribers.


Benefits of MAP

  • Supports centralized or distributed IT management
  • Enables user provisioning and monitoring
  • Provides enterprise and cross-domain reporting functionality
  • Enables auditing and audit controls for corporate and regulatory compliance
  • Leverages the MobiNET platform's identity management and service delivery platform
  • Ability to generate user reports for any date range and export to various formats
  • Reports provide detailed and timely picture of such parameters as subscriber usage, connection statistics and account status information

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EnterpriseLIVE Registration (ER)

EnterpriseLIVE Registration (ER) allows IT administrators to enroll MobiKEY users in bulk and pair the MobiKEY users to any number of Host Assets. CAC and PIV user associations are device agnostic and are associated with the existing certificates on the smart card while ER generates unique License Keys for MobiKEY Classic 3 (MC3) and MobiKEY mobile application users. The user simply needs to enter that License Key or insert their smart card to finalize their registration.


Benefits of ER

  • End users are enrolled by IT administrators for a plug and play experience
  • Unique License Key generated for each MC3 and MobiKEY mobile application user
  • IT department training included
  • Centralized approach for the MobiKEY technology deployment
  • Compatible with all MobiKEY technology deployments

EnterpriseLIVE Virtualization Orchestrator (ELVO)

Virtualization allows for running multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, with each virtual machine sharing the resources of that one physical machine across multiple environments. The ELVO extends the traditional MobiKEY application software functionality to allow MobiKEY technology users to leverage the same remote desktop experience while accessing virtual machines in place of a traditional physical desktop.


Benefits of ELVO

    • Create resource pools, which enables the sharing of virtual machines and system resources between one or more groups of MobiKEY technology users
    • Secure, centrally managed, end-to-end client virtualization solution
    • Provides for flexibility, ease of use and a reduced total cost of ownership



MobiNET Aggregation Gateway (MAG)

The MAG is a sophisticated gateway that provides enterprises with greater visibility and control over data traffic that flows across the network when the MobiKEY technology is deployed using the MobiNET platform.


Benefits of MAG

  • Provides IT Administrators with a highly effective way to monitor network resources, and ensure information security and regulatory requirements are being met when the MobiKEY technology is in use
  • Provides signalling and control over the MobiKEY technology connection status
  • Facilitates data sessions that would otherwise be made through the MobiNET Switching Array (MSA)
  • All signalling data communications are sent directly to the MAG and then aggregated and synchornized with the MobiNET platform through an encrypted TLS tunnel
  • The data session is run directly through the MAG, providing IT Administrators with greater manageability and visibility of traffic flow across their network infrastructure
  • Initial authentication and authorization is facilitated through the MobiNET platform but all additional data communications happen through the MAG



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