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MobiKEY is a complete desktop, secure remote access technology that integrates multi-factor authentication and identity management in a mobile computing environment.


Key Technology Differentiators

  • Your data stays within your network's perimeter - not a browser based technology, not a VPN
  • Deployment saves the enterprise money; saving more than the investment in MobiKEY for a net cost reduction
  • Hardware and smart-card based, multi-factor authentication
  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure - no capital investment, network changes or reconfiguration, additional servers
  • Compliment to an enterprise's virtual desktop infrastructure investment and a path to desktop consolidation
  • Built with security as the first priority

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MobiKEY Features

The following are some of MobiKEY's feature highlights. A more detailed overview of the MobiKEY technology can be found by downloading our Technology Overview Documentation.


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Full workspace experience from any device Requires no software installation or administrator privileges on the Remote asset Policy Dependent
Compatible with Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Windows No end-point security required Remote printing
Cross domain technology, Host Assets can be on any domain or network Enterprise registration and deployment tools Password reset
HSPD-12 compliant – integrates with PIV, CAC or FRAC Integration with Active Directory  
  Fully integrates with virtual desktop infrastructure  
  Connection history details for auditing and reporting purposes  
  Bandwidth efficient - 20 kbps average bandwidth usage per connected user  

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Security Compliance

With MobiKEY, all of an organization's data is kept within their own secure network perimeter.
  • Hardware and smartcard based, multi-factor authentication
  • Smartcard chip, Common Criteria EAL 5+ (except for iOS operating systems)
  • Smartcard operating system, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 (except for iOS operating systems)
  • 2048 or 4096-bit asymmetric keys
  • TLS 1.1
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • RSA SHA-1 and SHA-2 signing algorithms
  • All files stay within the network
  • Leaves no footprint on the Remote asset
  • Route1 has no ability to see into the user's data session
  • PKI based technology – access and authorization management
  • Malware resistant – immune to zero day threats
  • The Remote asset does not become a node on the enterprise network

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Components of MobiKEY

The MobiKEY technology includes the use of Route1's universal identity management and service delivery platform, an enabling device, and application software.


MobiKEY Application Software
A subscription-based service that enables users to access digital resources from anywhere at any time.

MobiNET Aggregation Gateway (Optional)
An appliance that provides greater visibility and control over data traffic that flows across the network.

MobiKEY Device
MobiKEY technology’s patented enabling device. Built on portable USB or smartcard hardware for multi-factor authentication.

EnterpriseLIVE Virtualization Orchestrator (Optional)
An appliance that manages virtual machine pools and allocates virtual machine resources for new session requests. (Included with DEFIMNET)

Our universal identity management system and service delivery platform. MobiNET is used for multiple-tenant networks, whereas DEFIMNET is used for single-tenant instances.


MobiNET Agent
Software deployed on the device being accessed (the host asset) when users are remote.


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Technology Schematic


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