The Route1 Story

A Growing Need

When Route1 was founded, the iPhone had not yet made its debut. There were no tablets in the workplace; mobility as it is now known didn’t exist. But with RIM, Palm and other mobile device makers gaining traction, the corporate network perimeter was expanding, and with it the need to protect data and system access regardless of location.

Route1 Secure remote access

Security First

Route1 was formed in 2004 to develop a solution that provided secure mobile access to enterprise digital resources through strong identity management. Our approach was, and continues to be, unique: in a world driven by functionality, we focus on security first. Where others create functionality and then add security, we design and architect solutions with security as a first principle.

No Compromise

Today, protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and enterprise data is more important than ever. Route1 has become a world leader in secure user authentication and data protection technologies for government and enterprise. Our solutions deliver industry-leading functionality without compromising system access, data at rest, or data in use.

The Route1 Team

The Route1 management team embodies two core strengths: proven experience in the information security market, and the ability to transform growth-stage companies into market leaders.
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