Getting Started

Launch the MobiKEY application.

1. Provide Your User Credentials

The user credentials can be obtained from Route1.

Tap the arrow to continue.


2. Receive your MobiNET ID

Your MobiNET ID is generated, confirming your subscription.

Tap the arrow to continue.


3. Change your MobiNET Password

Change your MobiNET password to a new value which is case-sensitive and has a minimum of 8 characters.

Tap the arrow to continue.

Note: For security reasons, your MobiNET password cannot be retrieved by Route1. You will have a limited number of successive attempts to enter your correct MobiNET password before the MobiKEY application is locked. Once the application is locked, you will need to contact Route1 Network Operations Support to obtain replacement credentials to register again.


4. Pair with a Host Asset **

** If your system administrator has already paired your device to a Host using Enterprise Registration, you can skip to 'Step 6'.

The Remote Pairing method will require a 'Pairing ID' to be generated by the MobiNET Agent software running on the Host Asset. You may need to ask a colleague for assistance if you do not have physical access to your Host. Please see the 'Remote Pairing with a MobiKEY' section of the MobiNET Agent Help web site for details.

Once you have created the 'Pairing ID' on the Host, return to the MobiKEY app and tap the 'Add Host' button.


5. Entering the Pairing ID

Enter the 'Pairing ID' created in 'Step 4' and tap 'OK'.

You should see the pairing confirmation screen.

Tap the 'OK' button.

You will need to refresh and activate the new user on your Host to continue.


6. Accessing a Host

To start a MobiKEY session, tap the name of the Host that you wish to access.


7. Ending your MobiKEY Session

While in a MobiKEY session, the MobiKEY session taskbar will be visible at the bottom of the screen. Tap the 'X' icon on the left side of the MobiKEY session taskbar to terminate the MobiKEY session.