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MC2 Device + Subscription

Sales price without tax: $395.00
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You are purchasing the Route1 MobiKEY Classic 2 (MC2) Device and yearly subscription for personal use. The MC2 Device itself costs $95.00 and comes with a one year subscription at the price shown below. eStore orders are limited to a single MobiKEY Device and subscription. For Enterprise orders, or to procure more than a single MobiKEY Device, please contact us at or call us at 1-866-371-1780.

  • One year subscription at $300.00

Please carefully read and agree to the terms & conditions during your final checkout process. 


Why Route1 Clients use MobiKEY:

“By using the MobiKEY the need for organizing, managing, provisioning and maintaining the equipment to make a secure connection to our internal network is eliminated.”

“The ability to isolate and control this solution using an enterprise PKI solution at the agency level with integrated granular control to the end machine creates an environment that is truly manageable. MobiKEY creates an environment that can be productive and secure without adding the complexity of laptop manageability.”

“With MobiKEY you know that your team can securely get to only the machines they are authorized to access. This connection is provided by a one-to-one associated digital certificate from Host machine to MobiKEY using a link that has an encrypted FIPS approved connection.”

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